I’m Hannah, the founder and face of White Tulips. I always loved to write and once wanted to become a journalist. Within the last years I discovered my love for marketing and being a content creator. After I gratuated from school, I fulfilled my dream and became a full-time blogger, travelled the world and shared it all with my community. In 2020 I founded my second business @thecreatorconcept, which is all about teaching other millenials and innovative startups how to live their dream life, using the power of social media. The Creator Concept is now a influencer management, social media coaching platform and sells digital products like eBooks and online courses, as well as our self-development planner with a focus on productivity and motivation.


Hey, my name is Karim, I‘m 20 years old and also from Munich. From now on, I’ll be managing everything related to design for White Tulips & The Creator Concept. I discovered my passion for Media Design very fast. I really love creating and making projects look nice and clean, for people seeing it later on. 

I‘m very excited to be a part of the „White Tulips“ Team and I’m looking forward to many exciting projects.
If you want to see more about me, check out my Instagram @blckwrk.design


Hi, I’m Katharina, I’m 20 and live in Munich.
Since I have a great passion for videography and cinematography, I started working as a freelancer for video editing. In 2018 I started to work for Hannah and am responsible for editing and uploading her YouTube videos. I am currently studying Film and Television to improve my editing skills. Is it just me or is it just fascinating to see several individual clips transform into one amazing video?

Anyways, incase you’re curious to see more of my work, feel free to check out my Instagram account @nuetzelproductions.


I’m Inês and I’m from this little country that is Portugal. I like videography, music, drawing, dancing, reading, food, streets, museums and a few other things that I can’t even remember. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there is no way to make it all go together and it’s impossible to choose just one to show the world. A few years ago I graduated from ‘Fine Arts & Multimedia’ and since then I’ve been accepted to collaborate in different projects. It was in one of those moments that I realized that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


Hi there, I’m Petra, born and raised in Brașov, a beautiful city in the heart of Transilvania, which is probably where my love for good food and mountains came from. I am currently specialising in digital marketing and consumer behaviour as part of my business degree at the University of Bath in the UK.

I am a passionate traveller, love exploring new cultures, and surrounding myself with inspiring people. When I am not travelling or developing new recipes, you will find me writing the introduction for my book for the 100th time. But no dream is too big if you work hard for it, right? 

I think the best way to improve yourself is to constantly invest and believe in your potential, which is why I was so happy to join the group of young motivated creatives of the ‘White Tulips’ team. As the copywriter and associate creative of the team I am looking forward to developing projects which stand out and bring value to Hannah’s community.

If you are curious about my creative adventures, you can find me @petracotociu